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Product Availability
The primary shipping season for our company is starting with the new crop in September, and finishing with storage crop in June. During this time period we monitor the quality and availability to ensure that our customers receive the best product possible.

Crop Protection
Red Isle Produce carries a complete line of crop protectants for farmers on Prince Edward Island. Crop protectants are delivered directly to the farm by Red Isle Produce. This helps us to maintain a very good relationship during the summer season with the farmers and gives us a good understanding about the availability and quality of the growing crop.

Other Varieties 

Red Isle Produce - TuberRed Isle Produce - FleshRed Isle Produce - Flower

Belongs to
Fresh Potatoes  »  Round White
Processing Potatoes  »  Chip Stock

Botanical Features
Plants - medium large, upright; stems thick, purple at the base with an irregular pigmentation pattern upward; nodes slightly swollen; wings prominent.
Leaves - close, smooth, bright green, moderately pubescent.
Terminal leaflets: large, ovate; tip cuspidate; base obtuse, asymmetrical.
Primary leaflets: large, ovate; tip cuspidate; base obtuse, mostly asymmetrical; three pairs.
Secondary and tertiary leaflets: numerous.
Flowers - numerous, pale lavender; heavily pubescent buds having diffuse lavender pigmentation on a green background.
Tubers - oval to round, smooth; lightly netted to heavily scaled white skin; shallow white eyes; white flesh.
Sprouts - purple.

Agricultural Features
High yielding variety, attractive appearance; good tuber set and uniform tuber size and shape. Widely adapted but not recommended for dry sandy soils. Moderate fertilization, close spacing between plants and proper timing of overhead irrigation will prevent the production of oversized tubers that might have hollow heart. Low total glycoalkaloids and high total solids. Medium dormancy period.

Atlantic is the standard for potato chip quality in Canada and United States.
Utilization - good for boiling and baking, excellent for chipping and french frying.
Chief Markets - fresh market, chipping.

Reaction To Diseases
Moderately Resistant - common scab, late blight, bacterial pink eye disease, verticillium wilt.
Good Resistant - Golden Nematode (Globodera rostochiensis Ro1).
Immune - tuber net necrosis, PVX.

Source: CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
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