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Product Availability
The primary shipping season for our company is starting with the new crop in September, and finishing with storage crop in June. During this time period we monitor the quality and availability to ensure that our customers receive the best product possible.

Crop Protection
Red Isle Produce carries a complete line of crop protectants for farmers on Prince Edward Island. Crop protectants are delivered directly to the farm by Red Isle Produce. This helps us to maintain a very good relationship during the summer season with the farmers and gives us a good understanding about the availability and quality of the growing crop.

Other Varieties 

Red Isle Produce - TuberRed Isle Produce - FleshRed Isle Produce - Flower

Belongs to
Seed Potatoes  »  Chip Stock
Processing Potatoes  »  Chip Stock

Botanical Features
Plants - tall, semi-erect; thick, slightly pubescent and very lightly pigmented stems; prominent wings; light to medium swelling of stem nodes.
Leaves - olive green, open, slightly pubescent. olive green, open, slightly pubescent.
Terminal leaflets: ovate, tip acuminate, base obtuse and semi-asymmetric with moderately waving margins.
Primary leaflets: four pairs, narrowly ovate, tip acuminate, base cordate.
Secondary leaflets: few and small.
Flowers - few, medium size white corolla with light yellow anthers; drop readily; no seed berries produced.
Tubers - round to oval, slightly flattened; buff skin, slightly netted; eyes medium shallow; white flesh.
Sprouts - green; base moderately pubescent; apex closed and strongly pubescent.

Agricultural Features
High yielding variety that produce a high tuber set with a large number of smaller tubers if spacing is too close. A spacing of 30 to 38 cm (12 to 15 inches) is recommended. It responds well to nitrogen fertilization and needs high levels of moisture. High specific gravity, good storage quality and short dormancy. Moderately susceptible to bruising.
Utilization - excellent chipping quality from the field and from storage; good quality for boiling and baking.
Chief Markets - chipping.

Reaction To Diseases
Moderately Resistant - common scab.
Remark - This variety shows very mild leaf roll symptoms. The plant has to reach a certain maturity for symptoms to develop and these may occur only faintly and only on one side of the plant.

Source: CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
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