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Product Availability
The primary shipping season for our company is starting with the new crop in September, and finishing with storage crop in June. During this time period we monitor the quality and availability to ensure that our customers receive the best product possible.

Crop Protection
Red Isle Produce carries a complete line of crop protectants for farmers on Prince Edward Island. Crop protectants are delivered directly to the farm by Red Isle Produce. This helps us to maintain a very good relationship during the summer season with the farmers and gives us a good understanding about the availability and quality of the growing crop.

Other Varieties 

Red Isle Produce - TuberRed Isle Produce - FleshRed Isle Produce - Flower

Belongs to
Fresh Potatoes  »  Russet
Seed Potatoes  »  Fresh

Botanical Features
Plants - medium to large, upright growth; stems have purple pigmentation at the base, medium size waved wings and no prominent nodes.
Leaves - green to dark green, open, moderately pubescent; midribs and petioles are light green, sparsely pigmented and slightly pubescent.
Terminal leaflets: elliptical; tip acuminate; base lobed and asymmetrical.
Primary leaflets: three to four pairs, ovate, tip acuminate; asymmetrical base.
Flowers - few, large, off-white to light lavender, orange anthers; long, strait and pubescent calix.
Tubers - oblong to long; dark brown russetted skin; eyes are numerous, shallow and well distributed; they may show a reddish blush after storage; very white flesh.
Sprouts - white with purple tips.

Agricultural Features
High yielding variety; tubers are usually smooth and quite uniform with very few external or internal defects. Very good resistance to hollow heart. Tuber specific gravity is medium. Good storability; medium dormancy period.
Utilization - excellent for baking and boiling; very good for french frying if processed from harvest or short term storage. Its very white flesh, texture and excellent flavour make it particularly suitable for home and restaurant.
Chief Markets - fresh market, count carton trade, processing.

Reaction To Diseases
Moderately Resistant - verticillium wilt, silver scurf.
Good Resistant - common scab.
Susceptible - to most potato virus, early blight, late blight, soft rot, fusarium dry rot.
Remark - Leaf roll expression: light rolling of bottom leaves only; infected plants have normal size and colour.

Source: CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
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